The designs and paintings produced by the Holy Spirit through Carmel are highly prophetic speaking to the very spirit of those looking at them. When you acquire one of them, you are not just buying a work of art but rather coming into to full revelation of the word of the Lord hidden behind the art work..

Prophet Elisee Yao

Prophet Elisee Yao

Divine Restoration

Carmel skilder met haar siel, jy kan die emosies in haar werk ervaar

Andre Venter

Andre Venter

House of Bread

Die naam kaartjies is iets unieks en persoonlik. Ek het onlangs ‘n naam kaartjie vir ‘n swanger mamma laat maak met die betekenis van haar seuntjie se naam en dit het die wereld vir hulle beteken. Hulle het nie geweet dat daar soveel diepte en betekenis in ‘n naam is nie.

Madri Wiegand

Madri Wiegand


Ek en my man is so bevoorreg en geseënd om twee van Carmel se skilderye te hê. Elk van Carmel se kunswerke is deur die Heilige Gees geïnspireer en gekoppel aan skrif wat die inhoud staaf. Dit herinner die individu vir wie dit geskilder is gedurig aan God se beloftes en plan vir hom.

Leana Lötter

Leana Lötter



  • Where does my inspiration comes from?

    If my eye catches something that speaks to my heart I paint it. If I see an inner vision, I paint it.
    Some will buy a painting because they are drawn to the outward beauty of it, others for the deeper meaning and inward significance they connect with what they see.

  • How long will my order take?

    For general cards and name cards - please allow at least 7 days from date of ordering.
    For paintings: see website for available paintings

  • What about shipping?

    Courier cost will be arranged with all orders before shipping.

  • How do I pay for my order?

    You will receive a Reference Number with your order to be used with payment.
    Local collections can be paid cash. Otherwise payments can be done via EFT.
    Collections or shipping will be done once payment has been received.

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